Prices and reservations

Reservations can be placed via e-mail, phone, or reservation portals.

The check-in starts at 3 PM and the check-out at 11 AM with the check-in time set between 3 PM and 10 PM. Please inform about later arrivals when performing the reservation. An evening check-in costs PLN 50.

There is no reception desk at the hotel.

The prices depend on the duration of the stay, season, and room type. The daily local fee in the sum of PLN 2,15/person for every day of the stay, has to be added to the room price.

A requirement for validating the reservation is registering a down-payment on our account within 24 hours from placing the reservation.
Account number:

Alior Bank PL 94 2490 0005 0000 4530 6770 9628

Prepaying the stay is understood as accepting the conditions specified in Willa Skalite‘s terms and conditions.
The down-payment cannot be refunded. The payment for the entire stay is charged on the day of arrival, in cash.

Click on the terms and conditions below:

Willa Skalite terms and conditions
Willa Skalite Spa terms and conditions