Spa Zone

Cedar Sauna

In the Spa zone we offer you relaxing in a Finnish sauna which can also serve the role of a Russian sauna. Our sauna is made from cedar wood thanks to which you can enjoy the aroma of wood and essential oils coming straight from nature. see more »

Inside tub

Additional relaxation will be ensured by treatments and baths in a tub made from an exotic iroko wood. The tub can hold up to two people thanks to which it can constitute an alternative for a way to spend free time by our guests. Bathing in the inside tub is a pleasure for the body and spirit. It allows to regain harmony, relaxes, and has a positive impact on health. Bathing in a tub stimulates the body to have a better metabolism thanks to which we feel full of vital strengths after the bath.
We encourage you to browse through our list of treatments along with their prices below. see more»

Outside hydro-massage hot tub

The year-round outside hot tub made from larch wood constitutes a great alternative for people who value relaxing outside.

The hot tub is heated with an external wood fired furnace thanks to which the bath is both thermally pleasant and relaxing. When taking pleasure from bathing in a hot tub we can also take care of our health. Relaxing in the hot haze eases the mind and strengthens the body. Bathing in a hot tub is compared to the beneficial effects of a sauna. In hot tubs, heated up to high temperatures, we relax on special benches making sure that our heart is located above the water level. see more »