Our Style

Willa Skalite means four storeys of well thought-through interiors. The facility will meet the expectations of people valuing stylish and comfortable interiors. Our style constitutes an effect of combining traditional materials such as bricks, stones, and wood with modern materials such as steel.

We’ve tried to prepare the interiors of Willa Skalite in such a way so that the time spent with us constitutes nothing but relax and inspiration for you. Our rooms are a combination of a loft style and tradition. A comfortable interior is our priority. The entrance and guest kitchen constitute a functional space where you can prepare meals. Our Spa, located on the -1 level and prepared in the “Basement Spa” style, provides you with moments of leisure. There you can take advantage of baths in a Finish sauna, treatments in a tub, a shower after the sauna, or relax on folding chair.