Cedar Sauna

In the Spa zone we offer you relaxing in a Finnish sauna which can also serve the role of a Russian sauna. Our sauna is made from cedar wood thanks to which you can enjoy the aroma of wood and essential oils coming straight from nature.
During the bath in a cedar sauna, at a high temperature and proper humidity, volatile component from the cedar wood are gradually released with their aroma possessing unique properties. Due to this fact a cedar sauna is recommended especially for people with poor immunity. In case of any dysfunctions of the respiratory system the sauna acts almost like an inhaler, and the high temperature additionally kills any bacteria. Therefore, taking advantage of the sauna has many advantages in the flu season or during a cold.

Regular visits to the cedar sauna may also help in case of rheumatologic diseases, to regenerate muscles after an intense training, and to speed up the metabolic processes cleansing the body from toxins.

After taking advantage of the sauna we encourage you to use the shower and spend some time on the foldable chairs made from an exotic wood.

The sauna is free of charge for guests staying at our facility.

Sauna prices for people from the outside.*

Monday to Thursday 90 min. session PLN 30 /person.

Friday to Sunday 90 min, session PLN 50 /person.

*Mandatory reservation for people from outside.